Red:Juvenus Intense Vitalizing Concentrate<br />(10ml x 3pcs = 30ml)

Red:Juvenus Intense Vitalizing Concentrate
(10ml x 3pcs = 30ml)

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A lightweight, translucent gel fluid essence with highest amount of Phyto-Red Energy Complex for visible correction of fine lines and immediate radiance.


    fter using lotion, take 3-4 drops, which is about of the dropper, and massage all over face and neck.
    use morning and night.
    all skin types


  • amalaki:
    a fruit considered to have most rejuvenating power. it is also one of the richest natural sources of vitamin C while containing flavonoids, polyphenols and carotenoids.
  • pomegranate:
    known as a vital fruit for youth & beauty, containing flavonoids and polyphenols
  • Lycopene Capsule 2X:
    lycopene with a patented encapsulation technology to deliver it 2 times deeper into skin