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    Fragrance WOMEN (Mini.)

    <p class="custom-seopage-description">Personal taste and gender typically influence which Dior perfume a consumer selects. A fragrance may deliver strong floral, woody, spicy, citrus or musk notes while another may possess subtly light, refreshing or soothing notes. An important factor to consider when choosing a Dior fragrance is to find one that is compatible to your body's chemistry. All perfumes have a top, middle note and a base note, which means that the scent will change after its initial application. Middle notes work to stabilize a perfume's composition; they are more complex than the top notes and have a lasting power between two to four hours. Once the middle notes wear off, you can usually detect the base notes in 30 minutes. How the base note's smell when reacting to your skin determines whether or not a perfume will clash with or pleasantly accentuate your body's chemistry since it's the base notes that last on the skin the longest. Other factors that can affect how a particular fragrance smells on you is the use of certain soaps, which can work to neutralize a fragrance or cause it to smell completely different than when you first spritzed it from the bottle.</p>
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