Clarins Body Partner Stretch Mark Expert(175ml)

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Motherhood, puberty, significant and rapid weight fluctuations can all be responsible for the appearance of stretch marks.

With Body Partner, you can count on Clarins to support women more than ever.

This gentle stretch mark cream, tested and recommended by pregnant women, safely and effectively targets stretch marks caused by pregnancy and weight fluctuations.

Formulated with minimal plant-based ingredients, including Clarins’ new PhytoStretchComplex, a blend of Centella Asiatica and Organic Green Banana extracts, to promote visible skin elasticity and leave skin smooth and comfortable.

How to Use

Using Clarins’ exclusive Application Method, apply Body Partner to thighs, hips, stomach and breasts with circular motions for best results.

Step 1 Warm the product between your palms. Place hands in a triangle shape on your stomach. Move them from top to bottom and back up without lifting them from the surface of your skin. Continue over the entire stomach and navel area.

Step 2 Smooth onto skin with the palm of your left hand - starting from the area nearest your underarm and work your way to the middle of the right breast Repeat the same movement on the left breast. + routine / application routine video

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