Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent

"I wanted a face for the woman I dress," Yves Saint Laurent once stated. YSL's beauty division was born in 1978 as a direct result of this declaration, making YSL the first cosmetics and fragrance company to bear the name of a fashion brand. As a result, the name "YSL Beauté" has come to be associated with a slew of classic beauty products used by professionals and amateurs alike. YSL Beauté also has been a leader in the fragrance industry since its debut fragrance, Y, was released in 1964, more than 50 years ago. Glamourous, vibrant, and youthful skin is the primary goal of the line's skincare products. For high-end, luxurious skincare products, YSL employs the most cutting-edge technologies available. Designed to work well with cosmetic products, the multipurpose hybrid is ideal for all skin types and may be used both before and after applying makeup. Products from Saint Laurent Singapore include anti-aging, moisturising, and brightening skincare. Improve your skin's health, vitality, and radiance right now.

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