Pearlosophy Oxygen Super Cleanser (110g)

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Deep cleansing skin, makeup remover and facial cleanser 2 in 1

The signature product of pearlosophy pearl aesthetics.

Extract deep sea pearl essence, add seaweed gel particles

Absorbs dirt from deep within pores, leaving skin clean, refreshed and radiant.

Interesting Experience

No need to wet the hands and face, just apply the product directly to the face and massage gently.

In 30 seconds, dense bubbles are generated. When foaming, it is like sprinkling a handful of popping candy on the surface of the skin. The foaming sound of "puchi puchi" sounds very decompressing!

Makeup removal and cleansing in just 1 minute for a pleasant cleansing experience.

How to Use

Application Tips

1. Keep your hands and face DRY, gently press 4-5 pumps to the palm of your hand

2. Apply evenly on the face, rub it 4-5 times, and wait 10-30 seconds, enjoy the wonderful moment of oxygen bubble up

3. After bubble up, massage lightly on the areas with heavy makeup

4. Rinse with warm water, the skin is clean and moisturizing


Key Ingredient:

Seaweed Gum Granules

Improve skin water retention and increase skin elasticity.

Jeju Island Volcanic Water

Rich in minerals and oxygen, gently nourishes the skin

Deep sea pearl extract

absorbs dirt from pores

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