Taiyou No Aloe Hyaluronic Acid(80ml)

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*1+1+1* Sun Society Taiyou Pure Hyaluronic Acid (3 Items) 80ml+ FREE 10ml+ FREE 10ml = 100ml! Moisturizing!
1) Add 5%~10% hyaluronic acid stock solution to the make-up water to get a bottle of high-concentration hyaluronic acid lotion, so that the moisturizing effect of the lotion is stronger and the skin becomes smoother and more hydrated.
Cleanse Pores!
2) Add a few drops of hyaluronic acid in a cleanser and other products to create a rich and soft foam to remove dirt from the pores.
For Moisturizing Body!
3) After mixing with the lotion, use it to soak the paper film, apply it for about five minutes in a part that is relatively easy to dry (such as the law pattern, the tail of the eye, etc.), then remove the paper film and take a product such as lotion. After the shower, the pores are in a relaxed state, so the effect will be better.
For Shinier Hair!
4) Mix a few drops in the shampoo, and also serve the purpose of hair care, making the hair shiny
For Smoother and Softer Hair!
5) After using the shampoo, wipe off the water with a towel, drop a few drops of hyaluronic acid solution on the palm of your hand, gently apply it to your hair with both hands, and then dry it with a hair dryer to make the hair smooth and soft. *Certifiers and hair masks are added with cationic surfactants and cannot be used together.
Moisturizes Extremely Dry Hands!
6) Add a drop of hyaluronic acid to the hand cream to moisturize your hands. Especially for the case where the hand is dry, apply a thick hand cream mixed with hyaluronic acid solution to your hand before going to bed, and put on your gloves and fall asleep.
Moisturizes Extremely Dry Feet!
7) After the shower, a few drops of hyaluronic acid in the body lotion can be applied to the heel to improve the condition of the heel. If the dander is more, it can be the same as the step of protecting the hands. After the application, put on the socks and go to sleep.
Moisturizes Lips!
8) Use with lip balm to maintain long-term moisturizing
Use with Shower Gel to Cleanse and Moisturize Skin!
9) Add a few drops of hyaluronic acid solution to the shower gel to cleanse the skin while still moisturizing the skin. Save the extremely dry skin! Because of the high purity, it is applicable for various skin care products! I feel that the skin care products and makeup on my hands are not moisturized once in winter. Just add a few drops and i can get their moisturizing up up. To be honest, add a few drops to the shower gel, clean and bring moisturizing and moisturizing! From then on, dry and far away, the tender baby skin is great!

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