Pearlosophy Amazing Beauty Essence (150ml)

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Pearlosophy pearl aesthetic star skin care products.

Essence water fermented with rare Tahitian pearls, the fine molecular components are easy to penetrate and absorb, adding moisture to the skin.

And there are 5 major French sea imported raw materials blessing, one bottle brings together eight functions.

Use with bubble facial cleanser and pearl fermented essence to create moist, plump, lustrous and translucent " bulb skin " .

150 hours of fermentation and brewing

Tahitian black pearl

After 150 hours of fermentation

Condensing and extracting the soul component of pearl aesthetics——Pearlosophy MP Ferment

5 major French CODIF sea areas to import raw materials blessing

Infuse the power of the ocean into the water and milk, and bring more wonderful

1.Deep ocean water moisturizing     

2.Hydrolyzed alginate revitalizing and repairing       

3.Coral algae extract soothes translucent   

4.Chlorella Extract Firming Elasticity   

5.Seaweed extract purifies and brightens the skin   

8 major functions converge

Hydrating / Moisturizing / Repairing / Soothing

Brightening / Translucent / Elasticity / Firming

Over time, witness the beauty of the skin upgrade

10 No added 

Trichlorine / Sulfuric Acid / Mineral Oil / Talc /MCI Preservative

MI Preservatives / Phenylmethylketone /  Artificial Colors / Artificial Flavors / Animal Ingredients

Pure as ever, ingenuity for you

How to Use

Application Tips:

Daily nourishment

1. After cleansing, take an appropriate amount of essence and apply it to the face and neck

2. Gently tap until fully absorbed


1. Take an appropriate amount of essence water and soak a cotton pad

2. Apply on the facial skin that needs to focus on moisturizing

3. After 10 minutes, remove the cotton pad and pat the face until fully absorbed


Key Ingredient:

Deep ocean water

Moisturizing and moisturizing; Originating from the 800m deep sea of the French Atlantic Ocean, the natural ocean water rich in minerals such as sodium, magnesium, copper, zinc, manganese and other minerals needed by the skin nourishes the skin with water, moisturizes the skin, and activates the vitality of cells.

Hydrolyzed Algin

The nutrient essence of freshly extracted marine plant hydrolyzed alginate helps to improve the self-repairing ability of cells, and the skin absorbs better while effectively repairing and forming damaged skin, making the skin supple and translucent.

Coral Algae Extract

The pink marine coral algae from Brittany, France, contains precious trace elements such as calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, etc., which help to improve the discomfort of the skin, balance and soothe fragile skin, and make the skin feel radiant.

Chlorella Extract

Chlorella, which grows naturally in the deep sea, has tenacious vitality and is rich in effective amino acids needed by the skin to avoid damage to the skin caused by the external environment, provide protection for skin elasticity, help firm the skin and improve skin elasticity.

Daffodil Extract

The sea bream first grew in Crete, the birthplace of Greek mythology, and was spread to the islands along the line by the angry nature. It grows strong on the sandy beach and can effectively improve the skin quality and evolve the skin.

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