KOSE One By Kose Moisture Rice Power Hydration Boosting Serum(14ml)

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One By Kose Moisture Rice Power

Boosts skin's power to produce ceramide, improving its moisture-retention ability. This moisturizing serum doesn't just supply moisture, but also helps the skin produce more moisture.

Formulated with Acti-rize yeast extract.
Newly formulated with a moisturizing ingredient that creates healthy skin, giving it a vitalic radiance. Leaves skin with a fresh-hydrated feeling that lasts.

Utilizes Inner Boost formula.
Softens the skin to enhance penetration. Delivering beauty ingredients, such as Rice Power No.11 deep into the stratum corneum.

Use on bare skin directly after washing.
Using the item as the first skin care step helps soften skin and boosts the affinity of treatment lotion used next.

Beautiful effect on skin, right after use.
Pleasant texture feels both lightweight and smooth. Blends into skin as if being soaked in, achieving a texture that feels fresh, soft and full after use.

Effective on dry and chapped skin.

Adjusting the balance of moisture and boosting makeup application and hold. Green floral fragrance that soothes the soul.
No artificial coloring, low acidity
Formula does not cause pimples (non-comedogenic tested)
* Does not guarantee product will not create comedones (the source of pimples) in all individuals.

How to use :
- Use directly after face washing morning and night
- Take 2-3 pump’s worth into palm and gently blend into skin.

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