KOSE Gel Liquid Eyeliner No.BR301 Pearl Brown [REFILL](0.9ml)

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- Rich gel color eyeliner with brush-type pen that draws clear lines right to the outer eye.
- Seals tightly to your lids the instant it’s applied!
- Transforms into a smooth liquid when applied, then stiffens due to thixotropy as it fits to skin. This makes it stick to lids without blending into fine lines or uneven areas, allowing for easy crafting of glossy lines in rich colors with just one stroke.
- A supple and flexible brush that can freely draw thick or thin lines.
- Features a brush crafted by a brush artisan in Nara Prefecture that is durable and has a thin tip, for the ability to draw even lines. By using a combination of different textiles, we have achieved a brush with a good balance of suppleness and liquid absorption.
- Resistant to sweat, water, tears and rubbing, for rich lines that last until evening!
- Pigment powder coated in water-resistant polymer achieves a lasting makeup membrane.
- Amount of liquid can be adjusted with a few clicks, to easily create your favorite styles.
- Fragrance free
- Waterproof
- Non-staining pigment
- Case available (sold separately)

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