Edp Blanche (1ml)

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A tribute to the audacious beauty of white, ALAÏA Paris Blanche Eau de Parfum reveals a new facet to the statuesque Alaïa goddess.

White is a permanent theme in Monsieur Alaïa's collections, from the classic, immaculate lines of a man’s white shirt worn by a woman, through to the modern shape of a cotton laser-cut dress, ALAÏA Paris Blanche Eau de Parfum takes this laser-cut cotton and lays it on top of bare skin, creating a fusion of freshness and warmth that’s absolutely mesmerising.

The silkiness of almond milk forms the White Impression, enveloping the skin with a sweet nuttiness. In the heart, the Floral Impression kisses the skin with powderiness, before a Bare Skin Impression in the base seduces with animalic notes, muskiness and vanilla.

White Impression: Almond Milk

Floral Impression: Heliotrope

Bare Skin Impression: Animalic Notes, Musky Notes, Vanilla Absolute

How to Use
  • Spritz onto pulse points: wrists, inner elbows, behind the ears and behind the knees.
  • Beauty Editor's Tip: Fragrance is best applied onto warm, dry skin – ideally after showering.
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