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This bundle set contains our TOP 2 signature products with “Placenta Extract” and “Hyalurone Elastin Collagen Extract” which contains concentrated beauty ingredients. Placenta Extract dramatically boosts skin cell renewal. Hyalurone Elastin Collagen Extract delivers firmness, elasticity and deep hydration. Both Extract are fragrance-free, colouring-free and surface acting agent-free product.

Complete Beauty Set (50ml Set) contains:
1. Placenta Extract 50ml
2. Hyalurone Elastin Collagen Extract 50ml
3. Arcanum Cream 10g
4. Sachet Set
(Total Set Worth: $446)

How to Use
  • Pat over the cleansed face by palm with about a nickel size of the Extract. Repeat use on areas of concerns such as the eyes and the corners of the mouth. After applying the Extract, continue with your regular skin care routine. Upon opening, refrigerate and finish the product within three months.
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