BB Laboratories Bestseller Starter Set (1set)

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This bestseller starter set consists of :

1. Placentra Extract (50ml) worth $168

Placenta Extract is fully extracted from the placenta's skin-enhancing elements and is produced in a careful way to ensure a high-level of safety is maintained. The placentas used by Bb Laboratories are harvested from healthy sows from contract farms. This Placenta Extract is free from fragrances, colouring and surface acting agent. Thus, the smell is derived from the placenta extract itself. Not adding anything superfluous and not taking away anything needed.

2. Moist Cream Mask Pro (175g) worth $43

The arrival of a cream mask, containing Placenta Extract, developed specifically for facials. Spreads easily over and quickly fits the face. Gently calms post-massage skin to deliver skin that’s deeply hydrated, plump and firm. The beauty ingredients such as placenta, work on the skin to deliver firm and radiant skin. Addresses even dull skin, delivering sheer skin that’s one shade lighter.

3. PH Massage Gel Pro Sakura version (300g) worth $42

New and enriched gel for facial esthetic treatment aimed to professional use. Developed to support everyone esthetic treatment course with the placenta line.

4. PH Moist Firming Serum (58g) worth $50

5. BB Lab Facial Care Pro Device (1pc)

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