Pearlosophy Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser - Ten Nights Floral Rain Osmanthus (200ml)

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Ten Nights Essential Oil Aromatherapy contains three unique plant scents - the freshness of citrus, the gentleness of flowers, and the stability of herbs. Vibrant bergamot played the prologue of the top note. It was like walking on an October night. The cool water vapor permeated the surroundings. Tenderness debuts Sweet, ethereal, relaxing and soft, with a slightly bitter medicinal fragrance brought by citrus and patchouli, it is deep and elegant, and the heart is calm and peaceful.

How to Use

1. After opening the cap, spread the reeds into the bottle.

2. Flip the reeds so that the top of stick is completely soaked to speed up evaporation.

3. For the first use, you can put 2 reeds to test the incense, then increase or decrease the number of reeds according to your preference to adjust the fragrance intensity and volatilization speed.

4. Please turn over the reeds regularly and place it in a ventilated place to achieve better fragrance scattering effect.


Top Note: Bergamot / Tea / Carrot / Citron

Middle Note: Osmanthus / Lotus / Freesia

Base Note: Orange / Patchouli / Musk 

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