Natamame All Natural Toothpaste (Rose)(120g)

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The Number 1 BESTSELLING TOOTHPASTE in Japan. Monde Selection Bronze award in 2016, 2017 and 2018!

Wha's better than having all the benefits of the bestselling sword bean toothpaste and an added scent of roses every breath you take? Trends come and go faster than seasons in Japan, but one thing that remains popular is a love of nature and everything that coming from it. The natamame sword beans are one such case: very good for fighting oral hygiene problems, ranging from bad breath to cavities, it was only a matter of time until they became officially part of that particular market. The Natamame Sword Bean Toothpaste is what its name suggests: a natural way to make your teeth and gums stronger and healthier.
Fans of natamame also insist that these are magic beans that can help the body's overall condition and contribute to lower blood sugar or better resistance against lung diseases. Even if you find these claims questionable, the combination of natamame extract, chlorophylline, peppermint, and spearmint oils guarantee that Natamame Sword Bean Toothpaste will give you fresh and aromatic breath in the most natural way.

Natamame is used in Asia herbal medicine for treating the discharge of pus. It helps to prevent bad breath, oral bacteria, and oral diseases. This toothpaste only contains organic ingredients which helps to control the balance of bacteria and Immune function. These toothpaste is made with ingredients that are specifically cultivated in our own farm (Kagoshima, Japan) so we can only use high quality seeds extract. We guarantee this toothpaste is high quality & effective one. The many amazing benefits:

  • Teeth whitening and it helps your breath fresh and clean.

  • Alpha hydroxy acid helps to remove dental stain, plaque, stickiness from the teeth and cigarette tar.

  • Prevent pasty mouth. Removing dental stain, plaque, stickiness from the teeth.
  • No abrasive compounds, colorings, foaming agents or parabens.

  • Always smell a gorgeous aroma of rose

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