Delivery day will be changed Due to PH on 09/08/2017 NationalDay

Public Holiday Schedule Due to PH on 09/08/2017 National Day , we will be closed on 09/08/2017 (Wed).Changes to orders after 07/08/2017(Mon) 1200hrs.
Orders Cut-off Time Delivery Date

07/08 (Mon) 1200hrs to 08/08 (Tue) 1559hrs

10,11,14/08 (Thu,Fri,Mon)

08/08 (Tue)1600hrs to 10/08 (Thu) 1359hrs

11,14,15/08 (Fri,Mon,Tue)

Requested before 1359hrs on 11/08 (Fri)

12/08 Saturday Delivery (by request Only)

10/08 (Thu) 1400hrs to 12/08 (Sat) 0859hrs

14,15,16/08 (Mon,Tue,Wed)
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