Moisture Liposome Eye Cream<br />(2.4ml)


Moisture Liposome Eye Cream

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* An eye cream with never-before seen moisturizing abilities that focuses on dryness around the eyes that may cause fine wrinkles, bags, discoloration, and lack of firmness.
* Its moisturizing ability is 1.3 times that of hyaluronic acid. It also contains polyglutamic acid, a moisturizing ingredient that retains moisture for long periods of time. The highly compounded multi-layered liposome delivers moisture to all corners of the cornified layer, while the polyglutamic acid heightens the liposomes’ ability to retain moisture, in order to ensure deep and lasting hydration.
* This moisturizing oil-free gel ensures hydrated eyes all day simply by applying both morning and night.

How to use

* Use before applying cream at night, or before applying makeup base in the morning.
* Take a small amount using the spatula attached, and carefully apply to the skin aroundthe eyes with your fingertips.