Sekkisei Facial Essence Soap

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Facial Essence Soap

A whitening soap with rich, luxurious foam that cleanses deep into pores as it moisturizes

Product Featured

-Removes the cause of dullness- old skin cells containing melanin, by softening them so that they peel away easily
-Highly absorptive fine-textured foam goes deep inside the pores, taking pore-clogging debris and sebum with it as it is washed off
-Whip & Moist formula enables the creation of moist, creamy dense foam in an instance
-Washes the skin comfortably without burdening it, by enveloping it in fine-textured, pliant foam
-Removes dirt while softening and smoothening the skin’s surface, thereby helping the next item in your skincare regimen to better penetrate the skin

How To Use: -Wet your face, then pour cold or warm water onto the soap, and thoroughly lather it with both hands -Gently wash your face as if enveloping it with foam. Rinse thoroughly. -After use, be sure to remove the foam and any moisture that is left on the soap before storing it in a place that won’t be exposed to water from the shower or faucet.

*The soap contains a high percentage of moisturizing ingredients, so exposure to water over an extended period of time may lead to the soap melting down

Key Ingredients:

-Coix Seed Extract
-Angelica Extract
-Melothria Extract
-Chameleon Plant Extract (hydration)
-Apple Extract ( hydration)
-Glycerin (hydration)