Ideal Blush Duo #04 California Coral(Exp:May/2020)

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Ideal Blush Duo expresses an idealistic look with trendy color layering of sheer and clear colors

1. Bright, clear color expression
Formulated with Special Grinding Technology, the new Ideal Blush Duo expresses a bright and natural skin complexion.

2. Optimal color plate combination
The combination of two ideal colours into one palette allows you to conveniently create a fresh and luminous complexion with sheer color

3. Ultra long-lasting formula
The Cross-linking Binder System, a highly adhesive formula increases the adherence to skin, keeps makeup fresh for long hours and stays strong against sweat and sebum.

Color Details :

No.4 California Coral
#. Healthy

A mix of coral orange and gold pearl highlighter for a healthy look.