Homme Blue Energy Essence In Lotion

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An anti-aging essence in lotion that addresses and provides intensive care to men's four main skin concerns for a healthy and clear skin.

Details :

1. Contains 75.8% Deep Sea Water
Blue Energy Essence in Lotion is made up of 75.8% Deep Sea Water which contains essential minerals, intensifies vital energy within tired men’s skin for a healthier and clean skin.

2. 4X Multi-Function
It provides intensive care for the 4 main concern of aging men’s skin - lack of moisture, dullness, fine wrinkles, and lack of elasticity for a healthy and clean skin.

3. Upgrading Youthful Force™
The Blue Energy Essence in Lotion containing Deep Sea Water, with natural source of mineral, and Spirulina Extract, which has high content of antioxidant, revitalizes men’s skin healthy and clean.

4. Smooth texture and fresh scent
The moist and smooth texture together with the fresh citrus, spicy scent provide a clear and refreshing feeling with every use.

How to use :

1) After using a skin toner in the morning and evening, dispense a suitable amount on the palm.
2) Apply it on the face and the neck by patting lightly on the skin.