Miss Dior EDT Originale Spray [TESTER]<br />(100ml)


Miss Dior EDT Originale Spray [TESTER]

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Christian Dior said, “I created this perfume to wrap each woman in exquisite femininity, as if each of my designs were emerging from the bottle one by one.” Born with the New Look in 1947, Miss Dior incarnates the signature of a great designer in the timeless elegance and refinement of a classic green chypre with galbanum and jasmine

Fragrance Description
Green Floral Chypre The Couture Spirit

Top Note
GALBANUM: The galbanum plant grows in Iran and Afghanistan. Its gum is collected through an incision made in the root, then distilled. The resulting essence complements green chypre and herbaceous harmonies. It lends a hint of impertinence to the top notes of Miss Dior.

Heart Note
JASMINE: A symbol of feminine softness, jasmine is one of the most commonly used flowers in perfumery. Wonderfully delicate, it is an entire fragrance in itself. Jasmine is one of the heart notes of Miss Dior, the timeless dry-down of Diorissimo and the refreshing top note of Miss Dior Chérie eau de parfum.

Base Note
PATCHOULI: Patchouli is a plant native to Indonesia and Malaysia. Indispensable to any perfumer, patchouli essence is obtained by steam distillation of the dried leaves. It is to be found in chypre, woody and oriental fragrances. This valued ingredient forms the dry-down of Miss Dior, Eau Fraîche, Dioressence, Eau de Dolce Vita, and the heart notes of Midnight Poison.