Delish Organics Mulberry Leaf [60 Days]
(1.5g x 60bags x 2boxs)

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The Number 1 GREEN JUICE recommended by beauty professionals. The NUMBER 1 SUPER FOOD recommended by top nutritionist. TOP TRENDING product in Japan in 2019!

In japan, mulberry leaves have been known as a healthy SUPER FOOD for a very long time. Our mulberry leaf green juice got organic JAS certified. We only use domestic mulberry leaves, they are planted in Kagoshima, Japan. Mulberry leaves have the function to protect to absorb carbohydrates. this function is so much different from barley glass. it means it has a clear difference even if it looks like the same. In the case of the in taking too much carbohydrates, we might eat too much without conscious. then our blood sugar level raises up and causes diabetes possibility. We only drink this mulberry leaf green juice just before meals, we can avoid being the diabetes risk competitively.

We Keep 5 Promises:
  • Only organic mulberry leaves 100% grown in Japan.

  • No preservatives

  • No artificial perfume.
  • No gene-recombination ingredients.
  • No food colourings.