YUNKER Q10 Jelly Pack<br />(150g x 6pcs = 900g)


YUNKER Q10 Jelly Pack
(150g x 6pcs = 900g)

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SATO Yunker Q10 Jelly Pack (150g x 6)

Presenting Yunker Q10 Jelly, a revolutionary and fast-acting way to get your coenzyme Q10 (also known as CoQ10) and other important nutritional supplements, so vital as part of a healthy diet plan.

Timeless beautiful skin from within. Realise it with Q10.


CoQ10 or Q10 as it is commonly known, is a compound that is found naturally in the body. Virtually every cell in the body contains Q10. The heart and liver, in particular, contain the greatest amount of Q10.

Q10 is sometimes called a “biomaker of ageing” because it correlates so well with ageing. In most people over 20 years of age, levels of Q10 in the skin is below important skin molecules.

In Japan the consumption and application of products with Q10 is extremely popular for its benefits to the skin as well as for general well-being.

• Slowing the ageing process
• Antioxidant
• Increase energy
• General well-being
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An essential supplement to promote your general well-being.
• Low calories of only 40kcal/pack
• Water soluble for better absorbency
• Energy supplement of Asian Ginseng and Royal Jelly promotes body metabolism
• With L-Carnitine that turns extra fats into energy
• Delicious lychee flavour
CoQ10 is the "secret weapon" in the fight against aging.

Yunker Q10 jelly is uniquely packaged in a convenient 5.25-ounce pouch - making it easy to drink or take by spoon.Best of all, Yunker Q10 is made only from the highest quality, pure ingredients. The pouch contains a refreshing citrusflavored jelly which, in addition to 10mg of Coenzyme Q10, contains 15mg of Royal Jelly extract, 3mg of Asian Ginsengroot extract for energy and "beauty ingredients" which include 24mg of L-Leucine, 19mg of L-Isoleucine, 15mg ofL-Valine, 5mg of L-Carnitine as L-Tartrate and 5 mg of a-Lipoic Acid.

CoQ10 is a compound that is made naturally in the human body to produce energy cells.It also acts as an antioxidant, supporting the cardiovascular and immune systems.As we age, the body produces less and less CoQ10 which can result in a loss of vitality.In order to obtain an optimal level of CoQ10 in the body after thirty years of age,a supplement is recommended. That's where Yunker Q10 comes in.

CoQ10 has many benefits which include sustaining most life support activity on the cellularlevel. This leads to increased energy levels and provides antioxidant activity. CoQ10 aidsin the conversion of food into a usable source of energy in the mitochondria of each cell.

Remember, deficiencies in CoQ10 can lead to conditions often associated with the agingprocess. The presence of CoQ10 supports the ability of cells to produce energy, aiding inmaintaining a more vital body by supporting the life sustaining energy producing processeson a cellular level.* Many conditions related to aging can be traced, in part, to inadequateamounts of CoQ10 in the human body. Yunker Q10 can help you feel more energized andvigorous. The jelly is water soluble and easily absorbed by the body after ingestion -whether on a full or empty stomach. This way, you get the best of its reinvigorating properties.
1. Water-soluble CoQ10
2. "Energy Supply" Asian ginseng + Royal Jelly
3. "Beauty ingredients" Alpha Lipoic Acid, L-Carnitine, and BCAA