Magneloop With SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA Pearl Black (Limited Edition)<br />(45cm)


Magneloop With SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA Pearl Black (Limited Edition)

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Magnetic field radiates from all around the loop. Particulary effective for relieving shoulder stiffness
Magnetic emanation 3D graph
Effectively relieving neck and shoulders stiffness
Grasp the connectors firmly between your fingers and pull apart to detach the connectors.
Please do not grasp any portion except the connectors when pulling.
Wash carefully to prevent discoloration and smell caused by sweat and sebum.
Persons with implanted electronic medical devices such as cardiac pacemakers and programmable shunts for draining cerebrospinal fluid should not use this product, as it may cause the device to malfunction.
Persons undergoing medical treatment by a doctor and those listed below are advised to consult a medical professional before using this product.
a) Persons with a malignant tumor.
b) Persons with heart problems.
c) Women in the early, unstable stages of pregnancy or who have recently given birth.
d) Persons with perceptual impairment caused by high-level peripheral circulatory
damage as a result of diabetes or other similar conditions.
Do not place this product close to items that are affected by magnetism, such as watches, clocks, magnetic cards, and floppy disks. This may lead to damage or loss of data.
Do not disassemble or physically alter this product.
If you notice any problems such as a rash or itchiness on the skin caused by contact with the product, stop using this product immediately.
If used long-term, this product may be permeated by sebum, causing it to deteriorate. Stop using it if you notice any abnormality.
Surface magnetic flux density: 55mT
Medical Device Approval No. 222AGBZX00279000