Biosource Fresh Foam Hydra-Toning Cleanser (Normal/Combination Skin)<br />(20ml)


Biosource Fresh Foam Hydra-Toning Cleanser (Normal/Combination Skin)

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Fifty years ago in the mountains of France, a biologist discovered a unique element in the mineral-rich thermal spring waters that soothes, balances and rejuvenates the skin, so it looks and feels healthier. Today, this purified and patented ingredient-Vitreoscilla Ferment-is the scientific key to the effectiveness of Biotherm's products. It enables each formula-skin and body care, color and men's treatments-to work in sync with skin's own nature, bringing it back to its optimal state so it can better resist stress and damage.

Cleaning with 70 minerals and zinc that balances the skin. Clean and dissolves impurities and makeup in the skin of an effective but gentle way. Provides a cool fresh feeling while cleaning the skin. Clean and moisturize your skin. Leaves skin a fresh and clear Iyster within 7 days.