Infinity Oil Cleansing Cream<br />(10g)


Infinity Oil Cleansing Cream

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High-Performance Cleansing that grants skin with Brightness, Translucency, and Silkiness.

Results on Skin

  • Grants bright natural skin with the cleansing power of the oil and skin care effects of the cream.
  • Removes impurities in pores, in the deep layers of the skin, and in the tired surface cells.


  • Has soft and cream-like texture which spreads with a gliding touch. Is transformed to oil when blended with make-up - a sign that cleansing is complete.
  • Grants skin with moisture and incredible smoothness after use.

How to Use

  • Put a cherry-size amount of cream onto your palm, and without washing your hands or face, blend it gently with your make-up (such as foundation) using finger tips.
  • Then, gently wipe the cream off using tissue paper (without rubbing the skin too abrasively), or wash it off with water or lukewarm water.

Highly Recommended For

  • Those who feel that their skin gets dry by oil cleansing
  • Those who feel that their skin is rough or hard
  • Those who have dry skin
  • Those who have skin tone that gets dull easily
  • Those who prefer cream cleansing