Clear Skin Soap<br />(80g)


Clear Skin Soap

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Placenta & Hyalurone Mask

Formulated with Placenta Extract and Hyalurone Acid. Creates a rich, creamy lather that effectively removes dead skin cells, dullness and impurities for a brighter complexion.

What's the difference with other soaps? Bb Laboratories Clear Skin Soap is handmade framed soap. There are two types for soap, milled soap by machines and handmade framed soap.

Milled soap is milling all the ingredients at once and push out to mold by machine. Most of the soap in the market is milled soap because it can be produced in bulk at low cost.

On the other hand, handmade framed soap is made to pour the ingredients into the frame, and take a couple of months to chill down to solidify. Manual procedures and a lot of process causes high cost. However, this special handmade process enables the soap to contain 30-40 % beauty effective ingredients and produce high function soaps with hydration and anti-skin troubles.

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Clear Skin Soap Rich Creamy Leather Foam

Benefit Disadvantage
Handmade Framed Soap contains beauty ingredients
rich creamy leather
high cost
troublesome to manufacture
less production
Milled Soap low cost
mass production
rich lather
easy to melt and lose shape

Benefits of the mask

Wet the face and hands with cool or lukewarm water. Create sufficient lather and massage it gently over the face. Rinse off with cool or lukewarm water.

Made in Japan

For Beautifully Clearm Radiant Skin