Germanium Beauty Soap Dry Skin<br />(100g)


Germanium Beauty Soap Dry Skin

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Germanium beauty soap contains plenty of natural Germanium and Selenium from Sericite Okcheon Mine in South Korea. There, the water which is also rich in organic germanium, is called “medical water” and local people are wellknown for living to an advanced age. Germanium beauty soap is made with this water, manufactured only 3000 peices per month. With its creamy coconut soap base and natural herb extracts, you can find the skin will be supple like baby after washing. Organic germanium’s anti-oxidant effect makes the skin firm, prevent the formation of wrinkles and tighten pores. You don’t need scrub cleanser or body soap anymore. You can use germanium beauty soap from head to toe, perfect for sensitive skin and trouble skin such as acne.
Believed it or not, it's sold in Japan at 18,000 yen! (appx. S$282.00) ParamaWorks

Organic germanium, also called Germanium-132, or Ge-Oxy 132, has been shown to protect the body from cancerous cell and tumor growth by strengthening the immune system. Germanium may be a potential treatment for cancer as well as other degenerative diseases associated with aging and free radical damage.
Many of the important herbs and medicinal plants traditionally used in healing, including ginseng, garlic, comfrey, and aloe vera, all contain substantial amounts of germanium. The therapeutic benefits of these herbs may be linked to the high amounts of germanium they contain.

weak and allergic skin
rough skin with horny tissues
trouble skin such as acne
abnormal skin diseases such as atopic and psoriasis
body odour
weak scalp, dandruff or falling hair
1. Take a little soap on hands and foam it
well with warm water.
2. Put foam on your skin and gently massage with foam. Never touch the skin directly
with your palm.
3. Rinse off with warm water. Do not rub the skin with your palm. Put water onto the skin and repeat it until all foam’s off. 4. Dry with clean towel. Do not rub, put towel on the skin and let it absorb water.

If you find some pimples, rashes, tingling feeling on your skin, there are temporary ones generated by the deep cleansing of residual wastes. Continuous use of this soap will surely make them disappear, leaving your skin clean and beautiful.

* Keep the soap in a dry place. The soap lasts about 1 month. (1 person uses twice a day)

Ingredients: Sericite powder containing natural germanium and selenium, natural coconut oil, aloe vera, grape seed oil, chamomile, allantoin, jojoba oil, tea tree oil, and other traditional herbal medicine extract.