Deep Cleansing Foam For Oily To Blemish-Prone Skin Internal Power Resist<br />(125ml)


Deep Cleansing Foam For Oily To Blemish-Prone Skin Internal Power Resist

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SHISEIDO Cleansers give Inner Skin Defenses the conditions they need to thrive.

Impurities float to the surface. Skin becomes smooth, soft and consistent. Every cleansing experience refreshes both mind and skin. For oily or acne-prone skin: Defends the natural hydration skin needs. Draws out dirt, dead cells and other impurities with Sebum Absorbing Powder, and washes them away. Leaves skin feeling silky smooth and fresh.

- Removes damaging pollutants.
- Contains Rice Germ Oil, Silk Extract and TMG (Ingredients made from sugar beets)
- Softens skin and draws impurities to the surface.
- Skin wrapping ingredients remain after cleansing, to keep skin smooth and fresh.
- Contains pure Kirishima mineral spring water.
- Sebum Absorbing Powder removes excess oil from the skin, for a fresh feeling.
- Formulated with Peony Root Extract.
- Lathers up easily into a fine, resilient foam that leaves skin feeling refreshed.
- Non-allergenic.

To Use: Dispense about 1 cm of Cleansing Foam onto your palm. Add a small amount of water and work into a lather. Wash your entire face and rinse thoroughly.