Future Solution LX Extra Rich Cleansing Foam<br />(125ml)


Future Solution LX Extra Rich Cleansing Foam

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An ultra-rich creamy anti-aging cleansing foam that removes impurities while keeping skin’s moisture balance.

A luxurious, rich creamy foaming cleanser with anti-aging ingredients that effectively removes impurities while retaining skin’s essential moisture, leaving a fresh, smooth look and feel. Prepares skin to better absorb benefits of following treatments. All Skin types. Dermatologist-Tested. Removes impurities while uniquely helping skin attract moisture during the softening step of your skincare regimen. Gives skin a soft, supple bright look. After 2 weeks: 97% felt it makes skincare treatments used in the following steps more effective 89% felt it makes skin feel smooth (Tested by 110 women) HOW TO USE Use every morning and night. Squeeze the amount of two pearls of cleanser into your palm, add water and work up a rich lather. Massage over face with gentle circular motions. Rinse off thoroughly. Avoid direct contact with eyes. KEY INGREDIENTS Oshima Sakura Leaf Extract helps reveal a fresh, bright look. NMT helps remove impurities and attract moisture for a smooth feel.