Seikisho Cool Cleansing Gel<br />(140ml)


Seikisho Cool Cleansing Gel

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Light and refreshing after-feel.

* Extremely gentle oil-based cleansing gel thoroughly and speedily removes makeup without any oily after-feel. Easy to rinse off too.
* Its light and refreshing after-feel belies its thorough ability to remove heavy makeup, old skin cells containing melanin, as well as roughness from the chin and around the sides of the nose. The result is silky smooth resilient skin.
* Rich Chinese and Japanese herbal formulation enhances skin translucency and smoothness, while tightening pores.
* Herbal floral fragrance refreshes and relaxes your skin and mind.

How to Use>/h4> * Take appropriate amount (a little larger than a cherry size) and work into makeup using fingertips.
* Rinse off.