Placenta Extract Water (Placen10)<br />(150ml)


Placenta Extract Water (Placen10)

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Placenta Extract Water

Placenta Extract Water

This facial toner, which is formulated with a 10% placenta extract, penetrates deep into the skin. Also fortified with hyalurone, a highly effective moisturizing agent, emollient ceramide, and other ingredients that add firmness and hydration to skin that has been affected by the aging process. This rich, luxurious blend revitalizes and moisturizes dull, unhealthy skin, giving it a translucent radiance.

After washing the face, place a small amount of Placenta Extract Water on a cotton ball or the hand and apply it by patting gently over the face.

What is the placenta?
The placenta is an organ within the mother that nurtures new life.

The placenta has become topical as a constituent that is beneficial for beauty and health but its origins and benefits are surprisingly unknown.
What is well known is that when a baby is still in its mother’s womb, it develops via the placenta.
Naturally the placenta supplies adequate nutrition and oxygen to the baby but it also provides everything necessary for the baby’s healthy growth by such means as hormone secretion and support of immune functions.
As such it is truly an organ that could be described as the source of life.

The placenta is a treasure house of nutrition!
The placenta has enough nutrition to grow a single fertile egg into a baby.
Various mechanisms contained in the placenta are now attracting attention.

The wonderful nutrients in the placenta have been known for thousands of years.
Records show that it was much prized by the first Qin Dynasty emperor as a preparation for perpetual youth and longevity, and from ancient times in Chinese Herbal Medicine as a revitalising tonic under the name of Shi ka sha (Jiheche).
The placenta also contains growth factors that control the growth of various cells.

Nutrients contained in the placenta:
Protein, amino acids, peptides, vitamins, minerals, nucleic acid, saccharides, muco-polysaccharide, lipids and fatty acids, enzymes, growth factors (HGF, EDF, FG)