BEAUTE de KOSE Ultimation AX Stretch Veil Cream<br />(6.3g x 7pcs = 44g)


BEAUTE de KOSE Ultimation AX Stretch Veil Cream
(6.3g x 7pcs = 44g)

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Smooth skin from deep within.
A lifting moisturizer that revives suppleness and vibrancy.

This anti-ageing cream is luxuriously rich yet melts into the skin.
Infused with reishi mushroom and Korean ginseng extracts, the skin feels firm and resilient, even bouncy after application. Selected emollient ingredients are added into the formula to balance out oil and water control for those with dry skin yet vulnerable to breakouts.

The cream creates a veil with outstanding flexibility and stretching capabilities.
It firmly captures moisture and enables skin to stay smooth and supple.

Formulated with amino lipids capsules to ensure maximum absorption and product efficacy.