White Plus Renew Original Cream<br />(50ml)


White Plus Renew Original Cream

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  • MELACRUSHER actively removes the Melanin Veil, for a flawless, brighter skin.
  • With the moist sensation like melted snow, and the smooth final touch, you can double the whitening effect by applying the simple massage technique on the face and the neck.
  • The active compounds for brightening and moisturizing are locked into the network-like texture of the gel-type cream, and instantly form a smooth and protective film over the skin.

How to Use:
  • For the morning and evening skin care, at the cream stage, take appropriate amount (1cm in diameter/0.4 ml) and lightly apply it in the order of cheeks, forehead, nose, lip area, and neck from inside to outside.
  • And then lightly press the palms down onto the face for the better absorption.