Infinity Perfective White XX

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-Contains Kojic acid, the active whitening ingredient. Reaches the deep, persistent causes of dark spots to make translucent skin. Suppresses melaninproduction, and prevents dark spots and freckles caused by the sun.

-The base and texture has a remarkable affinity for human skin, relaxing the skin to let the active ingredients penetrate and absorb deeply.

-Provides moisture and resilience to smooth out skin texture, leading to firm, glowy skin without unevenness or dullness caused by dryness.

-Fresh and velvety texture spreads easily over skin, giving a soft firmness to skin after its application.

Compounded Beauty Ingredients

-Koji acid (whitening)
-Kokeiten (kokeiten root) extract [moisturizer]
-Edelweiss extract [moisturizer]
-Cnidium Officinale water [moisturizer]