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The new KOSE Skin Whitener is blossoming with a new approach to skin whitening, this spring.

If we go back to our original question "Why do spots appear on our skin?," the root cause of these horrible skin spots lies in the "Spot Generating Mechanism".
KOSE’s persistence has born fruits and we have been able to pinpoint the existence of the epidermal cells in our skin which surround the Melanocyte. In fact, each Melanocyte is enveloped by minimum 30 epidermal cells.

The melanin being produced within the Melanocyte is absorbed by these epidermal cells as if they were eaten by these epidermal cells.

This is a revolution in your conventional anti-spots care, which restricts the function of Melanocyte in order to suppress the production of the Melanin which is the root cause of spots on the skin. Furthermore we will broaden your vision with a new mechanism we discovered, through which the "Production + Manifestation" of the Melanin can be curbed.

Our aim is to gift you with such a complexion with a clean, clear and rosy cheeks like the skin of a newborn baby who has yet to exposed to ultra-violet rays.

For all the people who believe in more beautiful skin of tomorrow.