Karan Limited Edition Facial Treatment<br />(230ml)


Karan Limited Edition Facial Treatment

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PITERA™ - Our Miracle Ingredient
A bio-ingredient derived from yeast fermentation that resembles your skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factors, PITERA™ contains over 50 micro-nutrients, like vitamins, minerals, amino acids and organic acids, to condition skin's natural functions.

Full Ingredients
Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate*, Butylene Glycol, Pentylene Glycol, Water, Sodium Benzoate, Methylparaben, Sorbic Acid. *PITERA™

SK-II's signature product and highly awarded bestseller with over 90% PITERA™. Essentially unchanged for more than 38 years, our Facial Treatment Essence transforms your skin – spots are less visible, appearance of wrinkles is reduced, skin texture is more refined, firmness is improved and radiance is beautifully elevated. SK-II presents the KARAN Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence, created in collaboration with artist Karan Singh. These limited-edition bottles illustrate the power of PITERA™ with a bold pop-art inspired design.

- Brighter Glow - Moderates skin’s surface renewal cycle to reveal more radiant skin
- Prevents Spots - Helps prevent the formation of dark spots caused by sun damage by maintaining skin's natural resilience
- Less Visible Wrinkles - Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by plumping skin up with moisture
- Smoother Texture - Improves texture by refining and conditioning skin, leaving it soft and smooth
- Suppler Skin - Improves firmness by hydrating intensely and boosting skin's retention of moisture

This lightweight miracle water is quickly absorbed into the skin.
Recommended for all skin types