Moisture Skin Repair Eye Cream<br />(6g)


Moisture Skin Repair Eye Cream

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Kose Moisture Skin Repair Rice Power Eye Cream is designed for all skin types. It contains Rice Bran Extract, which is fermented and extracted through a special process that takes 90 days to complete, to improve dryness, soften and smooth out rough skin texture. It creates a protective layer to repair damaged skin and prevent fine lines around eye areas. Special formulation, namely Targeting Formula, which enables the skin care ingredients penetrated into the skin easily. It also helps to improve the firmness of the skin for tightening and brightening results.
For all skin type.

How to use

Use day and night as the last step of skin care regimen. Use the attached spatula to take a small amount of eye cream and apply to the eye areas. Gently stoke the skin until the cream is absorbed.