Moisture Liposome Eye Cream<br />(15ml)


Moisture Liposome Eye Cream

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Concentrated Liposome Eye Cream. Dense moisture with lasting hydration.

* An eye cream with never-before seen moisturizing abilities that focuses on dryness around the eyes that may cause fine wrinkles, bags, discoloration, and lack of firmness.

* Its moisturizing ability is 1.3 times that of hyaluronic acid. It also contains polyglutamic acid, a moisturizing ingredient that retains moisture for long periods of time. The highly compounded multi-layered liposome delivers moisture to all corners of the cornified layer, while the polyglutamic acid heightens the liposomes’ ability to retain moisture, in order to ensure deep and lasting hydration.

* This moisturizing oil-free gel ensures hydrated eyes all day simply by applying both morning and night.

How to use

Use before applying cream at night, or before applying makeup base in the morning.

Take a small amount using the spatula attached, and carefully apply to the skin aroundthe eyes with your fingertips.