Lifetrons Eye Massager - With Negative Ion Technology<br />(1pc)


Lifetrons Eye Massager - With Negative Ion Technology

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Use this portable eye massager with negative ion technology to massage your eyes at home or on the go. Ultra compact and portable, this eye massager is easy to use and turns on when contact to the skin is made. This device uses low frequency microvibrations, generating up to 200 vibrations per second. Skincare ingredients can be effectively transmitted between the cells to nourish the skin. Helps rejuvenate, boost microcirculation, reduce eye bags, lighten dark circles and flush out accumulated toxins. Negative ions divide the active ingredients of skincare into water soluble ions, improving the permeability of skincare and enhancing the absorption capacity of the skin. This technology can even make ordinary skincare highly effective.

Features :
- Combines low frequency micro-vibrations with negative ion technology for more radiant skin
- Produces 200 vibrations per second to help improve blood circulation, stimulate facial muscles and relieve fatigue
- Negative ion technology enhances absorption of creams or serums deep into the skin
- Inductive power mechanism turns device on when contact to the face is made
- Elegant design is portable and lightweight