Luxury De-Age LINE SERUM Eye EX

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Our Special Price: S$115.00

About the Product

  • With our cell-activating V formula combing growth factors and plant-derived stem cells, this line of total anti-aging skincare products helps skin regenerate and repair itself to restore its natural beauty
  • By achieving fundamental lifting and making each cell plumper and suppler, this skin care series achieves the V smile, the clear sign of a youthful-looking face
  • An advanced repairing eye cream focuses on reviving the elasticity of the delicate eye area, containing EGF and retinol
  • With cutting-edge beauty ingredients and lift-care ingredients, it thoroughly approaches to the wrinkles and sagging, and adds plump suppleness and brightness to your eye areas
How to Use
  • Apply in the morning and evening after lotion and essence. Dispense an appropriate amount (1 push for both eyes) onto your fingertips and gently massage over the areas under the eyes and around the corners of the eyes
  • Re-apply to the concerned areas


  • Last for about 1.5-2 months’ usage
  • Depends on the customer's usage