Spaoxy Gel (3 Times Usage) + Spaoxy Dual Gel Bundle Set

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This bundle set includes:
1. 1 Bottle Spaoxy Dual Gel (100g)
2. 3 Sachets Spaoxy Gel (1 Box 3 Sachets)

Carbonated masks (oxygenated masks) are cosmetic products with anti-aging properties that have incorporated the effects of carbonic acid, such as promoting blood circulation and boosting the skin’s metabolism. This gel contains a high concentration of carbon dioxide, and when applied to the skin, it works to address the causes of skin problems, and as a result, helps to restore the skin back to health and brings out a glowing firmness and lustre that comes from within.

New Release of the Convenient Push-type!

Adopting the specially selected formula of Dr.Medion’s No.1 popular “Spaoxy Gel”,this carbonated mask is in a bottle form that is easy for everyday use. Just with one pump and mixing the 2 types of gel together, freshly made carbonic acid is ready for use.Since the amount can be adjusted to your preference, you can also target areas of concern!