Water Sleeping Pack_EX<br />(80ml)


Water Sleeping Pack_EX

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Product Benefits
A smooth, cooling gel that provides 9 hours of hydration while you sleep, and the promise of brighter, softer skin.
Gives a whole new meaning to rise and shine, doesn't it?

How to use

* Apply suitable amount onto entire skin.
* Leave mask on for 15 - 20 minutes before going to sleep.
* Cleanse face as per normal the next morning with a facial cleanser, followed by standard skincare regime.

Facial circulation massage for supple deeper relaxation overnight

Step 1: Relieve tension for all facial muscles on forehead, eyes, cheeks, nose, lips, chin, neck, etc.   Step 2: Pull all of the muscles towards the tip of the nose and stop for 3 seconds. Then perform the massage on step 1.   Step 3: Lift the eyebrows, open up the mouth, and pull the nose down. Stop for 3 seconds. The release all muscles on the face.