Calvin Klein Women Shower Gel<br />(30ml)


Calvin Klein Women Shower Gel

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Calvin Klein WOMEN is the first perfume ever created by Raf Simons. Captured as a shower gel, it lays the foundation to the day and invites feminine sensuality and strength to your morning routine. Accompanying Calvin Klein WOMEN eau de parfum, the shower gel establishes a base from which to build the fragrance that lasts throughout the day. A precious and sacred start to the day, a time all of your own.

Lathering on smoothly, it relaxes and soothes as you get ready for the day. Experience the essence of delicate orange flower petals and take in the layers of fresh eucalyptus acorns. As the fragrance develops and envelops, a heart of Alaskan cedarwood is revealed.

Calvin Klein WOMEN shower gel calls for a few moments of calm at either end of a full day. Effortlessly carrying you from morning into evening, Calvin Klein WOMEN is an elegant complement to any occasion, and is perfectly accompanied by Calvin Klein WOMEN eau de parfum and body lotion.