Blended Face Powder And Brush #04 Transparency 4 (M) (All Skin Type)<br />(35g)


Blended Face Powder And Brush #04 Transparency 4 (M) (All Skin Type)

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Clinique's signature blended powder. Loose, lightweight texture is right for every type of skin. Sets and perfects makeup, makes pores seem to disappear. Airy, skin-hugging formula delivers a reliably flawless finish.

* Skin Types: All
* Formula: Loose powder
* Coverage: Sheer
* Benefits: Oil control, Natural skin-perfecting look, Mineral enriched

How to use

* Apply after makeup.
* Invert powder canister and tap gently to allow powder to gather in tray.
* Dip Powder Brush or included brush in powder, gently tap off excess and apply to face.
* For the most flawless look, use Clinique's Powder Rubdown technique: Pour powder into palm of hand, coat fingertips with powder then gently pat and smooth fingertips over skin. Brush off excess.

Brush can hold a single application of loose powder for later use.
* Dip into powder, twist down and cover with lid.
* Carry "loaded" brush in your evening bag or makeup pouch.