Water Glow Gel Foudation #13 Ivory

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Do you think changing skin tone or covering blemish would make your skin look clearer?

Let's break away from cover makeup and concentrate on glowing skin.
Youthful, Glow, Moist Makeup, Water Glow

1. Tailored Water Gel Matrix (74% of moisture)

The innovative texture, which gives water bursting feeling when you touch, offers comfortable and long-lasting effect.
Incredible adhesion to skin makes it look just like your own skin and gives off glowing effect.

2. Micro Tailored Color

Amino acid coating micro color powder, processed and grinded 200 times more than the original one, will be absorbed into your skin when layered on. It sets the best color for your natural skin tone by itself.

3. Layering Cover

From the first layer of ‘Tinted Moisturizer Effect’to the fifth layer of ‘High Coverage Foundation Effect’, our magical foundation doesn't get thick, even when you continuously layer it on till reaching your desired coverage.