L'Absolu Lacquer #323 Shine Manifesto<br />(3ml)


L'Absolu Lacquer #323 Shine Manifesto

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If yes, Lancôme is pleased to unveil its very new lip product: L'Absolu Lacquer.
Its lightweight and ultra thin formula coats the lips with vivid colors & lacquered shine finish. Its precise applicator provides a buildable shine color & enables you to build your lip intensity the way you want.
1) One coat for a sheer natural look with a dewy shine finish
2) Two coats for an intense look with fresh color and lacquered shine finish
3) Three coats for a dramatic look with audacious color impact & ultra lacquered shine!
Be brilliant the way you want it to be and do not be afraid to lead the way, your way: choose your color and build your intensity!
From nude to vivid colors, our 30 shades will satisfy all of your desires.