Moroccan Ghassoul Clay 100% Natural & Organic

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Found in the ancient lake beds of Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, Ghassoul clay is rich in silica, magnesium, potassium and calcium making it especially good for hair, skin and nails. The molecular structure of Ghassoul clay gives it a unique ability to absorb excess dirt and oil, as well as extract impurities from the skin. On top of that we add a wise amountand combination of lavender, cedar and rosemary cineol essential oils for an excellent beauty and healing properties to the skin, face, body and hair.


Mix equal amount of Ghassoul clay powder with water or rose water or your favorite oils to make a muddy paste, leave it for 5min and apply it to your face, bodyor hair for around 10min and wash.


Skin Detox, Skin cleansers, Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne, Dry or oily patches, Sensitive skins, Dandruff, All skins, Fine hair, Thinning hair, Daily use.


Montmorillonite Clay, Lavandula latifolia essential oil (Lavender), Cedrus atlantica essential oil (Moroccan Atlas Mountain Cedar), Rosmarinus officinalis ct 1,8 cineole essential oil (Rosemary Cineole).