SPA Vitalizer Shower Head

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Spa Vitalizer carries a ceramic ball which has special function of antibacterial, water activity, remains chlorine reduction, and far infrared rays. A ceramic ball emits far-infrared rays. The water momentarily exposed to far-infrared rays makes water molecule clusters small (a lump of water molecule), and it becomes easy to permeate the skin, a scalp, and hair.
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Spa Vitalizer ionize and removes 99% of harmful chlorine(causes of dryness and aging) to skin and hair. Hot water with small cluster promotes moisturizing effect. Then skin becomes more healthy and youthful. Spa Vitalizer is suitable for the person who has itchiness with dry skin and often has trouble with the skin or babies.
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Negative Ions proven to relieve stress, alleviate depression and improve the immune system.
bestbuy world bestbuy world The Spa Vitalizer's special steel plate has 300 holes, each one 0.3mm in diameter.
Coupled with the showerhead's specific design to induce the water to rotate, vast quantities of negative ions are generated.
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Spa Vitalizer also makes easy to remove a effete matter and sebum at very deep inside of the pore of the skin, which is normally difficult to remove by normal shower. Especially for those people who has thinning hair, loss of hair, as a one of the solution. Shiny and pliant hair will be possible.
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The scalp before shampoo (the root of the hair is encrusted with sebum)
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Using Spa Vitalizer for 2 weeks (amount of hampoo used was 1/2 and no conditioner)
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(Reference) A photo after shampoo by a professional esthetician
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The water is almost like mist and amazingly soft. Very nice feeling while taking shower. (Accountant, Age:27)
My hair is quite thick and I usually use lots of conditioner, but now I don't need so much.
(Sales, Age:35)
My loss of hair is apparently less and my hair is getting stronger and silkier.
I won't complomise for a normal shower head... (Marketing, Age:33)
I think my hair is growing faster after using a few weeks. (Self employed, Age:41)
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This specially manufactured ceramic balls can withstand lifetime usage.
Replace the cartridge every 6 months for better usage efficiency.
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