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Cleverin Gel

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Simply put CLEVERIN GEL in place where you wish to inactivate virus and germs. It kills viruses and bacteria in the air, inhibit mould growth, and removes odour from toilets and kitchen waste.
The secret of CLEVERIN GEL is the power of chlorine dioxide, Chlorine dioxide (CIO2) molecular can eliminate virus, bacteria, odour and mould.
CLEVERIN GEL is suitable for
- Remove odours from toilets and kitchen waste, pet or shoe cabinet
- Kill viruses and bacteria in the air from living room and bedroom
- Inhibit mould growth from air conditioner
- Remove smoking smell
  Viruses and airborne bacteria are invisible and around our daily lives.  It is time we should place more emphasis reduce the virus attack to our physical wellness. Hence, put one in each room to tackle the viruses and bacteria in the air.  
- Prevent influenza infection from children, seniors and pets
  It is dry and airless in an air conditioned room, thus airborne bacteria actively spread which leads major influence of influenza infection. Respiratory disease was easier caused in a dry environment and this is one of the reasons that SARS and flu show higher presence in Singapore and Hong last time.  
Power of Chlorine Dioxide (CIO2)
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How To Use
1. Remove the white cover.
2. Keep the white cover. Open the packet and put all contents inside. Do not mix at this moment. Let it settle for some time.
3. Check if gel forms in about 15 minutes. Put the cover back for use.
4. Adjust Cleverin Gel evaporation by turning the cover. Make sure that no unpleasant smell is detected. We recommend it is more effective if you keep Cleverin Gel around a height of 1-2m so that it can spread thoroughly due to CIO2 is heavier than air.

The effects of Cleverin Gel can last for 1-2 months.
The effective duration of Cleverin Gel is subject to the size of the room and room temperature where Cleverin Gel is used. Ventilate the space immediately if you feel uncomfortable with the smell.
Conditions of Use Toilet, Bathroom (5-10m²) Living Room, Bedroom (13-20m²)
60g About 1 month About 1 month
150g About 2 months About 2 months
*Effective duration depends on room conditions.
1. Do not eat product.
2. Do not use product in other applications.
3. Keep out of children’s reach.
4. Drink a large amount of water and stimulate the casualty to vomit if swallow by accident.
5. Rinse with a large amount of water if contact with eyes.
6. Do not inhale product, this may cause irritation. Ventilate the space immediately if you feel uncomfortable with the smell. Particularly at the beginning of use.
7. Product may deteriorate precious metals. Do not put or use product near precious metals.
8. This product contains bleach. Do not use on or near colour fabrics.
9. Wipe dry immediately if leakage occurs.
10. Keep product away from high temperature and direct sunlight. Close cap tightly and store product in a cool place.
11. Do not use Cleverin Gel in enclosed small spaces (car or refrigerator).