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Mineral Water Contrex

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Contrex is a natural mineral water that has no calories. Its source is located in Contrexéville, in French département of Vosges, and was discovered by Dr. Bagard, the first doctor of Louis XV. With its high content of Calcium and Magnesium, Contrex is very popular in Europe, as a “Sliming Partner”. These days, many people are doncerned about their health, so models start drinking Contrex and it also becomes more and more popular in Japan. Contrex has even become a synonymous with a diet method for people of all age or sex.
Water Brand Hardness
Volvic 60
evien 291
vittel 315
Gerolshitiner 1313
Contrex 1551
Hard water is water that has high mineral content (mainly calcium and magnesium ions). The hardness can be calculated with its amount of calcium and magnesium. The hardness of Contrex is 1551 which categorized as “Very hard water”, comparing to evien whose hardness is only 300, “Moderately hard water”. Drinking hard water helps your diet in such way as.
Taking approximately 3 litters of liquids a day is an essential factor in achieving beauty from head to toe, inside and out. We take half of it from foods, but the rest should be taken from water. However the drinks we take every day contain a lot of calories. If you take 7000kcal, you will gain 1kg weight. Adding Contrex Natural Mineral Water to your regular diet may help you in your everyday battle to eat & drink healthier!
The above is the same 1500ml liquids intake. But the balance of calory is 470kcal per day. The total difference will be estimated 14100kcal in a month. This is equal to 2kg weight! Contrex can cut your calories and help you meet your minerals needs at once. Contrex can be an ideal partner to your diet.
Contrex is a good source of Natural Calcium. Contrex helps replenish the body with nutrients like calcium that may be lost while dieting. We all know that calcium is vital for healthy bones and teeth, and helps slow the rate of bone loss as we age (and decreases the risk of bone fracture). Calcium also plays a role in nerve function and muscle contraction, and apparently it helps the metabolism as well.
Drinking a 1-Liter bottle of Contrex provides nearly half of the recommended daily intake of calcium.


* Contrex has high levels of minerals. Due to temperature fluctuations, minerals (such as Calcium) may crystallize and become small visible particles. This is completely natural and, will not cause any harm at all to the human body.